Identity Exchange

[Cang Xin  is an artist based in Beijing working in performance art and photography.

He holds the belief that all things have spirit — both animate and inanimate objects — and approaches his work as a means to promote harmonious communication with nature. His works have included bathing with lizards, adorning the clothing of strangers, and prostrating himself on icy glaciers: each act represents a ritual of becoming the other.

He has exhibited in shows including the 2006 Bologna International Art Expo in Italy, A Strange Heaven at the Helsinki Museum of Contemporary Art, Bad Girls, Good Girls at Red Foundation in London and Between Past and Future at the New York International Center of Photography. He participated in exhibitions in Spain with the Espace Ample Gallery.] Wikipedia

Royal Guard Royal Guard


Policeman Policeman

Car Saleswoman Car Saleswoman

Businessman Businessman


Fireman Fireman

Scot Scot


Professor Professor

White collarWhite collar

Peking OperaPeking Opera

Punk Punk

Scrap collector Scrap collector


[The game of exchanging identity can represent an aspect of contemporary culture. It is also a self-questioning exercise in a changeable era. The questioning of identity reflects the possibility of the change in oneself: change to other states or life from the current image, profession, appearance and character. The questioning can be true or false – just like the products promoted in cosmetic and fashion advertising in different seasons to arouse desire and imagination.]

Source : Le Nouvel Obs and

Sorry for the bad quality of the photo but I can only find them on the Internet and the magazine Nouvel Obs. The idea of this artist is amazing, that confirms the proverb “You can’t judge a book by its cover”.

Clothes are a part of our identity? Not so sure…

  • Kentinou

    So nice. He have touch something really inspirative.

  • Vanessa Cupcake

    j’adore son travail.